Xavi still unsure whether Barca will buy Traore

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Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez has reveal that the club are not yet guarantee a deal for Adama Traore at the end of the season.

         The 26-year-old returned to play at Camp Nou on loan from Wolverhampton last January. Which is refer to as the main force. That has been involve in the game continuously. He having already made 4 assists for the Azul Grana team ufabet.

         Although the contract will include an outright buy option, Xabi pointed out that there is no decision yet on whether the team will use the option at the end of the season.

         “We’ll see what we can do at the end of the season,” Xavi said. “He play well last game and play well against the defenders.”

         “He did what he had to do and was well involve. He is an important part of the team.”